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About Our Company

At Music City Hardscapes, we're transforming spaces and redefining outdoor living. As a veteran-owned family business, our pride and craftsmanship are evident in every project, from stunning paver pathways to serene outdoor kitchens, robust retaining walls, ambient lighting, cozy fire pits, and beyond. Our commitment to excellence has made us a leader in hardscaping services across middle Tennessee since 2013.


We understand Nashville homeowners' challenges when envisioning transforming their outdoor dream spaces. With over two decades of collective experience, our team promises exceptional hardscaping services and a commitment to delivering exceptional, long-lasting projects for our clients.

Meet Phillip Byard


Founder & President

Embark on the journey of Phillip Byard, a man whose life story is deeply connected to the landscapes he shapes. Phillip was born and raised in the peaceful town of Eden, North Carolina, where his early connection with nature laid the foundation for his lifelong passion. After enlisting in the Army, he served as an artilleryman and developed discipline, commitment, and teamwork values that would later become the cornerstones of his business ethos.

With a curious mind after his military service, he sought education. Though his academic path at Auburn University was left incomplete, the lessons learned both in military service and in classrooms laid a foundation strong enough to support the growth of a thriving business.  He spent over fourteen transformative years in Atlanta, GA, where his career in the Green Industry blossomed. After his three-year apprenticeship under Brendan Butler of Tokikata Modern Gardens, he mastered the art of Neo-Japanese Gardens, which would leave a lasting impression on his design philosophy.

Phillip's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Hardscapes by the Yard - Atlanta, where his reputation for quality and innovation quickly grew. Life had other plans for him when he met his fiancée and moved to Nashville, TN, to support her career advancement. He eventually became the seasonal color manager at Russell Landscape, but his desire to forge his path led him to establish Music City Hardscapes.

Today, Phillip is the leader of Music City Hardscapes, known for creating functional and aesthetic outdoor spaces in Nashville's hardscape industry. He embodies the values of integrity, excellence, and commitment to creating spaces where life's best moments are enjoyed. Beyond his business, Phillip volunteers with The Mission Continues and the Boy Scouts, and he loves spending time in the great outdoors with his family.

Phillip's journey, from the fields of North Carolina to the vibrant community of Nashville, is a personal growth narrative and a blueprint for the values that Music City Hardscapes embodies.


Meet the Team

At Music City Hardscapes, our team is the foundation of everything we do. From visionary designers and skilled craftsmen to dedicated administrative professionals, each member plays a crucial role in bringing our projects to life. Get to know the passionate individuals behind our success and see how their expertise and commitment shape the landscapes we create.


Foreman & Designer

J. Daniel

J Daniel, the lead foreman and designer at Music City Hardscapes, has been a cornerstone of our team for over a decade, blending an unwavering dedication to hard work with an incredible sense of humor. His expertise in crafting durable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces is unmatched, making every project a testament to his creative vision and meticulous attention to detail. Guided by Daniel, our team not only excels in bringing clients' dreams to life but also enjoys the journey, inspired by his leadership and passionate commitment to excellence.


Administrative Manager

C. Blake

C. Blake, our esteemed Office and Administration Manager at Music City Hardscapes, has been a cornerstone of our team for five years, bringing a unique blend of intelligence, personability, and managerial acumen to the forefront of our operations. Her adept leadership ensures the seamless management of office complexities, enhancing both team productivity and client satisfaction. Blake's unwavering competence and dedication are pivotal in upholding the high standards and success of Music City Hardscapes.


Hardscape Technician


We're thrilled to introduce Leo, our newest Hardscape Technician! With a passion for outdoor craftsmanship and a dedication to delivering exceptional results, Leo brings a fresh perspective and energy to our team.

Drawing inspiration from years of experience in outdoor construction and a keen eye for detail, Leo is committed to turning our clients' visions into reality. Whether it's laying intricate paver designs, building sturdy retaining walls, or creating inviting outdoor living spaces, Leo's craftsmanship shines through in every project.


Marketing Manager

D. Collins

Spearheading the creative charge at Music City Hardscapes is our Marketing Manager. He blends innovative digital strategy with a deep passion for storytelling, elevating our brand narrative within the vibrant Nashville scene. His expertise showcases our expertise in hardscaping and fosters a connection with our community, inspiring outdoor transformations one story at a time.

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